VI Chemical Peel

Medical grade VI Chemical Peel at Uplifted Rx med spa in Manhattan, New York.

A VI chemical peel is a medium-depth, medical grade, chemical peel that reaches into the dermis of the skin to reveal and improved and rejuvenated complexion. It is made up of naturally-derived acids, antioxidants, and moisturizers that stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin and remove damaged skin cells. Benefits of a VI Peel include improved skin texture and appearance, improved acne scars, and an overall improvement in luminosity of skin.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, avoid using any skincare products that contain acids and/or retinoids for 2-3 days leading up to treatment.

A chemical peel does not hurt but you may feel a tingling sensation during the application of the peel.

You will go home with the peel on your face. Please plan accordingly for this.
About 4 hours after it’s been applied you will wash it home. Take-home products and instructions will be provided. Your skin will start peeling 2-3 days after treatment. Full results are seen 7-10 days following treatment. You will need to avoid direct sun exposure for 7 days following treatment.

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